From 2021 La Sanfermese only uses 100% green renewable energy. The Group plays an active role in the environmental challenge that involves us all, intercepting the epochal need for energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources.

In particular, thanks to its state-of-the-art photovoltaic system, La Sanfermese is able to complete all the processes of storage and transformation of cereals with a logic of self-consumption, favoring the implementation of 100% green circular economies. In addition, the remaining energy supplies are entirely from renewable energy sources from 2021.

100% Sustainable
100% Renewable Energy
100% Sustainable

Thanks to recent successes, our intention is to confirm ourselves as an eco-friendly business, in order to offer on the market raw materials and semi-finished goods that are both high-quality and environmentally neutral. An objective of this magnitude obliges us to pursue far-sighted projects, with the awareness of soon becoming an example for other protagonists in the sector. It is in fact known that agriculture represents a very impactful sector environmentally speaking, that’s why we at La Sanfermese have long been committed to trying to improve the opinion towards the entire supply chain.

As a matter of fact, the year 2021 represented an important milestone for the Group. Thanks to significant investments in energy efficiency, we have guaranteed highly resource-efficient transformation processes, which have ensured a minimum environmental impact.

The ambition is such that we want to have a positive impact not only on our business, but also on the entire supply chain. In fact, our suppliers will have to meet strict certification standards, and will be able to actively participate in new production schemes that will exploit sustainable innovations in the field of precision-agriculture, such as, for example: satellite maps, drones, crop models, decision-support-systems, proximity sensors and variable rate machinery.

In doing so, we are sure that we will be able to respond to a constantly growing demand for food products obtained following precise sustainability standards. Following this agenda, we will continue to work and improve in order to bring to net-zero our impact on the environment and society, offering customers completely sustainable and / or organic products.

Organic productions

We manage organic supply chains through organic supply chain contracts and technical assistance at farms to provide product guarantees to our customers right from the field.

Environmental sustainability

We encourage crop rotation and more conscious use of resources, always paying attention to productivity and produce health.

Social sustainability

We apply cultivation contracts to allow our farmers to grow a wide range of products, respecting the environment and those who live there.

How we operate

Sanfermese dedicates many resources to organic farming procedures. We use innovative tools for crop management and new technologies in line with the philosophy of precision agriculture.

We stipulate supply chain contracts with agricultural entrepreneurs, supporting their organic, sustainable, and conventional crops. Our qualified staff of technicians and agronomists is always available to help choose the best hybrids and varieties according to the most suitable areas, cultivation, defense, and nutrition operations. We always pay great attention to ensuring healthy and productive harvests, with a view to social and environmental sustainability.

Our products contain almost exclusively cereals produced in Italy. We select our suppliers according to high-quality standards to know the origin of all the raw materials we use. For pest control in storage, we use CO2 instead of the pesticides found in conventional techniques.

Clean energy from the sun

We use clean and renewable energy produced by photovoltaic panels to preserve and transform raw materials.

L'energia pulita dal sole

Since 2023, La Sanfermese has achieved another significant milestone in its sustainability journey.

Thanks to the recent completion of an innovative 420KW rooftop photovoltaic park, combined with the comprehensive revamping of the pre-existing 170KW system, the 100% sustainable electricity generated by the two facilities (with a total installed capacity of 590KW) will ensure self-consumption for the company’s production facilities, including the innovative soy micronization plant.

In this way, the company upholds its commitment to combining a century-old quality in agri-food production with innovation and a forward-looking perspective, respecting both the land and the environment.



Since 2023 La Sanfermese and Corn Valley products have been LCA certified.

In this way we know exactly the environmental impact of what comes out of our plants.

We monitor the life cycle of our products, from the seeding of the raw material in the field by our suppliers, through internal processing phases to the sale.

Our customers in this way will know not only WHAT they buy, but also HOW what they buy affects the environment.

Through our choices and actions, we want to continue to give a tangible example of our commitment to sustainable growth, protecting the environment. We are very proud to have added this additional governance tool, which will allow us to intervene in a more targeted manner throughout our supply chain and to demonstrate our transparency in processes that involve the entire life cycle of our products.