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PRESS RELEASE, Piubega, November 25th 2021

La Sanfermese acquires Organa to consolidate its international growth and enhance its vertical integration

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La Sanfermese (LSF) is pleased to announce that today it has acquired the majority stake of Organa d.o.o., a Slovenian company engaged in the production of a wide range of organic plant-based products including tofu, seitan, vegan burgers and spreads, among others.

Davide Salvatore, president of LSF and CEO of Orange Capital Development – investment fund that acquired LSF in September 2020 – commented: “The acquisition of Organa is the first step of LSF’s strategy aimed at expanding internationally and vertically integrating its operations. With Organa, LSF has expanded its footprint in North and Eastern Europe as well as being involved in all steps of the supply chain (from the seeds and technical means it supplies to the growers to the final packed product sold to the final customer). Today LSF has full control over the products’ DNA by ensuing quality, sustainability and reliability. The access to the final product grants LSF the possibility to test and expand the applications of its innovative plant-based organic food ingredients for the benefit of its long-standing and prospective customers”.

Jernej Pulko, founder and CEO of Organa – who will remain in the company as a minority shareholder – commented: “Since the start of Organa in 2016, the company has grown significantly and has built a solid base for a further step up. By having LSF as partner, Organa will be able to have a direct access to sustainable, traceable and organic key ingredients and unlock its growth potential by quickly increasing production capacity and better serve its customers with a wider product range”.

Your health begins when you choose the right ingredients!

We have been operating for years in the agro-food sector, stipulating supply chain contracts with our farmers. We provide them with the opportunity to grow a wide range of products in line with social and environmental sustainability principles.

We collect their crops directly and store them in our factories with completely chemical-free refrigeration systems. Subsequently, we transform the raw materials grown with care in our first processing plants. Thanks to renewable and clean energy sources, we produce organic, conventional, and sustainable quality ingredients. Over the years, we have managed various controlled supply chains in collaboration with some major players in the sector, such as Barilla, Kellogg, and Ferruzzi.

La Sanfermese

A Certified agricultural supply chain

We offer to the food industry a wide range of products such as selected grains, superfoods and semi-finished machines suitable for the production of flour, multigrains, soups, corn flackes, meat Analogue and dairy Alternatives.

The characteristics of each finished product are agreed with each customer in a specific way to provide tailor-made products tailored to the needs of the Individual.

Assistenza Tecnica
Techical Assistance

Your field in good hands

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of the individual farmer, from sowing to harvesting. In this way, we can support the productivity of farmers by verifying the health of the crops.

The consulting activity is at the service of a supply chain built with passion, experience, and sharing.

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Only sustainable, high-quality ingredients

From the harvest made by our farmers to the production, we always guarantee the highest quality of our organic, conventional, and sustainable ingredients.

The transformation takes place within our factories. We agree with the Client all the specific characteristics of each finished product. In this way, we can always provide tailor-made goods suited to individual needs.

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Bio e sostenibilità

Bio and sustainable.
For the love of nature

We cooperate with specialized technicians and qualified agronomists who support farmers in choosing the best hybrids and varieties. These are not universal parameters that apply to every situation. On the contrary, they vary according to the areas, crops, as well as defense and nutrition operations implemented.

Our efforts always aim to guarantee healthy and productive harvests with a view to social and environmental sustainability.

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Bio e sostenibilità