For 250 years we have been operating in the agro-food sector, instructing supply chain contracts with our farmers, to whom we provide the opportunity to grow a wide range of products with a perspective of social and environmental sustainability.

The Group is a composite business that operates in interrelated sectors: milling industry, grain storage, trading of agricultural commodities and retail. We collect, stockpile and store crops in our plants; and we carefully transform the raw materials grown by our farmers, using renewable and clean energy sources.

To do this we are looking for people who approach the work with passion and with a spirit of collaboration across the organization; people oriented to the principles of quality and safety of the product, flexible to meet the speed and variety of the market and pragmatic in facing and solving the challenges of a reality in daily evolution.


In addition to job profiles with technical skills typical of staff functions – such as administration, sales and logistics – the company is, by its nature, particularly interested in personnel trained in technical areas such as agri-food, milling and plant maintenance.


You can send your resume in response to one of the open positions, or send it to
When your application responds to ongoing opportunities, you will be contacted for an interview by the human resources office, and in the following steps you will have the opportunity to meet our function managers.