Corn Valley

The Great Corn Chain

UNI EN ISO 22005 certified supply chain and non-GMO corn since 2000.

We are present and attentive during all stages of cultivation: from the selection and supply of seeds to processing in the factories, passing through strict control of the crops.
We apply the wet de-germination technique to ensure the highest quality of our crops. We process both yellow and white corn.
We have been supplying Italian, European, and Biosuisse organic corn since 2004.

Corn Valley

Tradition, Innovation, Technology

Our gluten-free mill is fully automated. Inside there are five optical selectors able to select homogeneous grains and exclude any contaminants and allergens.

Pneumatic handling systems protect products from unwanted contamination, preventing hazards from dead zones.

Production process

We monitor the production every hour to ensure full compliance with specifications and standards.

We process 300T of corn per day.

Processo di produzione