Organic and sustainable products

From the harvesting managed by our farmers to processing in our factories, we always guarantee the highest quality of our organic, conventional and sustainable ingredients.

We agree with the Client all the characteristics of each finished product. In this way, we can always provide tailor-made goods suitable for individual needs.

Thanks to the constant work of our quality team, we supply highly standardized and controlled products. We apply a meticulous approach, dividing raw materials into different production lines to avoid cross-contamination. Such a rigorous method allows us to guarantee the absence of allergens in our products.

Even the conservation of raw materials and finished products takes place without chemicals, in full respect of the environment and those who live there.


Our production includes gluten-free cereals, such as corn and white sorghum, all properly separated and processed. Durum wheat, soft wheat, and other standard cereals complete the range. We act as the

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We have decided to focus on three highly sustainable legumes: chickpeas, green peas, and high-protein peas (Pisum Sativum L.) require less water and naturally contribute to the richness of the soil. M

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In partnership with the Ferruzzi Group, we have been growing soy since the 1980s, among the first in Italy. We carefully select our soy to ensure consistency in quality and nutritional characteristics

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Our innovative range of lactose-free products includes vegetable drinks, functional mixes for bakery, meat & cheese analogs, baby food, breakfast cereals, and snacks. This new assortment responds

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