23 June 2023

LCA: a further step towards a more sustainable path

We are pleased to announce the completion of an LCA study dedicated to each of our corn and soybean products. Through LCA we can say that we can trace the environmental impacts generated by our products: from sowing in the field to the completion of internal transformation phases.

Having created strong links with farmers has greatly supported us in expressing to the whole chain the importance for the aspects, which we have long considered central, of sustainability, especially in a global agri-food landscape such as today, in so continuous and rapid change.

The agri-food sector must be able to meet the food demand of a growing population, which will settle, according to the latest estimates around 10 billion people in 2050.

It is therefore the duty of all of us producers to be able to bring healthy food to the final market without adversely affecting the chances of future generations being able to do the same.

A process of increasing efficiency, and therefore of sustainability of a product, can only come to life when we know 360 degrees throughout its life cycle, to understand where to make any changes.

We monitor and support the suppliers of our precious raw materials from the choice of the seeds most suitable for different environments and so in all subsequent cultivation operations, until harvest, so that we can ensure a quality product, as well as environmentally friendly.

Our processed products, generated from sustainable raw materials, have significant environmental performance.

For internal transformation processes, using renewable energy, we are able to maintain the impacts generated by less processing by 40%.

The study will allow La Sanfermese to optimize production processes, reducing waste along the supply chain, monitoring the improvement of the environmental performance of products and implementing a system of continuous improvement of environmental quality.

Our customers will also be able to connect to our LCA analysis, which evaluates the environmental impact of our products until they leave our factories, their own LCA study on production processes until the product arrives on the shelf. In this way it is possible, among other things, to bring to the eyes of the final consumer a product underpinned by a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment study.

Thanks to further processing of the data, it has been possible to compare the results between the impact generated by our corn and soya products and that of other similar products: what emerges is the extremely lower impact that Our maize and soya grains generate in terms of CO2 emissions, particulate matter, human toxicity, eutrophication of water and use of soil and other resources.

In our small way, it is a pride to have taken a real first step towards a better agri-food system. Further challenges will arise, but we will be ready.