30 September 2020

Press Release – Change of Ownership

La Sanfermese changes ownership and starts a further phase of growth and development

The shareholders of La Sanfermese are pleased to announce that today they have completed the sale of the majority of company’s shares to the fund managed by Orange Capital  Development.

The operation  is aimed  at strengthening and enhancing the  existing  platform,  facilitating the development of the company in the most innovative agri-food  sectors,  as well as starting a  solid  process of internationalization.

Andrea  Pelladoni,  current  sales  and  marketing  manager  of  the  company,  remains  in  the shareholding structure  with  a   minority stake and  will  take  an  active  role  in the  management of the business and in the development of new products.

The commercial representatives of La Sanfermese will remain the same; for any other information please contact them, they will be happy to clarify any doubts.

“The acquisition  of La Sanfermese is part  of Orange Capital Development’s broader strategy to strengthen its presence  in the environmental sustainability sector. After having become  a reference player in the renewable energy sector, we now aim at consolidating our presence  in the agri-food sector and in particular in the healthy foods and free-from foods sectors in which La Sanfermese has been successfully operating for years.  We intend to further strengthen the financial solidity of the company and fully exploit its  great  potential  by facilitating  the  development  of innovative  products  and  expansion   into  new countries.  The international footprint of our funds,  in fact,  will guarantee  to La Sanfermese  a privileged access to foreign markets.  By leveraging upon its existing certified supply chain, the company will have  to maintain solidfoundations in the reference territory to better seize the development opportunities offered by a market that grows and becomes increasingly global and demanding”, commented Davide Salvatore, founder and CEO of Orange Capital  Development.

“We were the first to introduce soy and durum wheat in Northern Italy; Thefirst in Europe to certify non-GMO maize; Among  the first to believe in the value offree-from and in the centrality of the quality of the  ingredient.  For almost a decade,  La Sanfermese has  been  introducing sustainable  certified supply chains  with Magis  and Friends of the  Earth protocols. After an adequate period  of lucid reflection,  the Pelladoni Family,  in full cohesion,  has  now  identified the  master way  to  ensure  the  best growth  and development prospects for the company,  employees,  customers,  suppliers  and the territory  to which  we belong.  The new ownership  was chosen for its  long-term  investment vision, for the desire to develop  the company in  a solid  and  visionary  way, for the  significant financial strength  and  managerial capacity expressed.  The future that awaits us is spectacular! The synergies  with the new partner  will allow us to run even  faster and  overcome   barriers  that seemed insurmountable.  In  this  stimulating  and  responsible context,  with pride and great enthusiasm,  I have  accepted to continue  the path  I have  undertaken,  with the awareness of doing my part,  in a cohesive  team,  to successfully overcome  the challenges  that await us”, commented Andrea  Pelladoni, shareholder and director of La Sanfermese.